Kinder chocolates recalled in France in run up to Easter

The popular treats have been linked to salmonella cases with several children admitted to hospital in France, announced the health ministry

Ferrero has recalled hundreds of tonnes of Kinder chocolate products from French shops
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Chocolate company Ferrero has recalled several of its Kinder products in France and other countries just under two weeks before Easter due to links to salmonella.

France’s health ministry has said that at least 15 suspected cases of salmonella have been linked to the Kinder chocolates, with mainly children falling ill.

Eight of the 15 people suspected to have been infected, with an average age of four, were temporarily admitted to hospital before being released shortly after.

Six other cases of salmonella poisoning have not yet been linked to Kinder products, French health services have stated.

The UK has also recalled several Kinder products, with 63 suspected cases of salmonella in young children.

The products suspected to contain the bacteria were all made in a Belgian factory.

Ferrero has denied the links, stating yesterday evening (April 4):

“None of our Kinder products on the French market have tested positive for salmonella and we have not received any complaints from consumers.”

It has nonetheless decided to voluntarily recall the following products, which make up the equivalent to hundreds of tonnes of chocolate:

  • Kinder Surprise (20g and 100g), packets of one, three, four and six, expiry date between end of June and end of October 2022

  • Kinder Schoko-Bons, expiry date between end of April and end of August 2022

  • Kinder Mini Eggs, expiry date between end of April and end of August 2022

  • Kinder Happy Moments: 193g packet, 150g packet, 133g Peluche, 198g bucket (seau), expiry dates end of August 2022

Ferrero advises anyone who has bought one of these products not to consume it, to keep it and to contact its consumer support team on 08 00 65 36 53 or

Easter takes place on April 17 this year and is, of course, the time when chocolate eggs are commonly eaten as part of the festivities.

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