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Highlights this month include:

Brexit latest

Brexit questions for second home owners in France answered

France prepared to be "generous and flexible" on minimum incomes for Britons living here after Brexit

Fast-track for British applications for French nationality

Travelling in the EU with a pet after Brexit


Fears for pupils in rural France, as class closures loom

Bordeaux to London in 4.5 hours by train

French doctors say 'non' to 10-minute patient limit

French bakeries fight to stay open seven days a week

DWP sent 1,000 letters axing pensions 'in error'

The French board game driving Americans crazy


One reader reveals what it's like to move back to UK after 18 years in France

The urban myth about rural poverty in France and the gilets jaunes...

France's fire safety record is a national disgrace


The truth about electric vehicles, by readers who drive them AND the financial aids available in France to change

What happens if your car gets towed in France?

10 more Crit'Air zones to be declared across France

The thoroughly modern French apprenticeship scheme with its origins in the Middle Ages

Mythbusting France's smoking habits

A reader's experience of a caesarian operation in France


The dual-language panto breaking down barriers in Normandy

Ile de France cat refuge inspired by British TV star pet

Well-known English Library celebrates 25th anniversary


Exchange rates for this year's tax declarations

How to save money on phone line fees

10 rules to make selling your French home as fuss-free as possible

Foreign bank accounts, Brexit, and charge cuts

Changes to French unemployment benefit that could help the self-employed


The Somme guesthouse with a real battlefield trench in the garden

Andy Summers: An ex-Police Man's life thru a lens in Montpellier

So long, Normandy, and thanks for all the great times - Connexion writer bids farewell to her France home

France's seven engineering wonders

INTERVIEW: The innovative museum director bringing history and art to the people

The bloggers who inspired Europe to love houseplants again

Our pick of events across France this month

France's Queen of Finger Food reveals how to make your apéro truly special

+ French themed crosswords and quiz! + Readers' Letters
+ 10 pages of businesses and tradespeople serving English-speakers in France

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