‘New bins only make recycling in France more difficult’

The Connexion reader shares frustration at waste and recycling bins which are so impractical they may discourage not encourage recycling

Waste and recycling bins
The offending bins

In recent weeks, our community has received what I assume is the household waste and recycling system of the future.

We have six containers about 12ft high and 6ft in diameter. They are put into the ground leaving about 5ft above. On the top of each is a lid, which must be held open to use.

Three containers are designated for household waste and one each for plastics, paper and glass. So far, so good.

Disappointed by impractical design

The waste ones have a hole about 18in diameter under the lid. The paper and plastic have an aperture of a similar size but with a cover, reducing the actual opening to about 10in x 6in.

The glass one is similar with a very stiff flexible cover, but the opening of that is star-shaped with less than 2in diameter open in the centre. Thus, even a beer bottle must be pushed through.

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I visit about once a fortnight, when a reasonable amount of waste has accumulated (in my case, anything up to 30-40 glass items). There is nowhere to put the box other than on the ground, so you have to bend up and down, open and hold the lid, and then push each item in, perhaps 40 times!

Could deter even dedicated recyclers

Although I am dedicated to recycling, I am reluctant to use that glass container again. I suspect many other people feel the same and in future some might throw these items into the normal household rubbish instead.

It was obviously designed with no consideration as to the practicality of its use. They encourage people to recycle and then make it even more difficult to do so. How sad.

Name withheld on request, by email

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