New map shows you the cheapest petrol near you in France

The daily updated interactive map allows users to type in a postcode and a type of fuel, and then compares local petrol prices, as well as showing the average for the area

A new map enables drivers to check current petrol prices near them
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People in France can now see the cheapest fuel available near them on an interactive map created by a consumer association, as fuel costs remain high.

UFC-Que Choisir created the map, which is updated with the latest costs and also shows the average cost per department.

Users can type in a town name or postcode, select the radius (from less than 5km away to less than 20km) they wish to travel, and the fuel they need.

The map also shows if the fuel prices displayed are average for the area, or more than 6% higher or lower. / Screenshot

The map uses figures compiled by the government website, which compiles data from service stations that have documented their prices.

All service stations managers have been required to submit their prices to the government in France since a decree to that effect from December 12, 2006.

The prices are updated three times a day. If the fuel price available are more than 48 hours old, they will no longer appear. If you notice that a petrol station does not appear on the map but you believe that it should, you can signal this to authorities at the website contact page here.

The government map is in no way associated with any petrol stations or fuel professionals.

It compares prices for the following fuels:

  • Gazole/Diesel
  • SP98
  • SP95-E10
  • SP95
  • GPLc
  • E85

Petrol prices hit record highs in France early last month following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with some petrol stations in Paris reaching €2 per litre and other regions not far behind.

From April 1, the government has offered an 18 centime refund per litre of fuel in a bid to help consumers bear the cost.

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