Now Uber goes for fast-food firms

Minicab company says it will deliver meals fresh to Paris desks within 10minutes

AFTER knocking the feet from under the taxi business, minicab company Uber is now taking on the fast-food industry with the launch of UberEats in Paris – aiming to get a meal delivered in less than 10 minutes.

Using the same smartphone app that the US giant’s customers use to call a Uber car, people can order meals in the 2nd, 8th and 9th arrondissements where UberEats has signed up a number of restaurants.

Dishes vary from €8 to €12 depending on the restaurant and delivery is free during the start-up phase.

The service will not make money for Uber in the short-term but, being based round main mealtimes, will give Uber drivers an extra income stream as delivery will cost €3 when the service is fully up and running.

Uber launched the service in the US first after testing it in Los Angeles and then adding New York and Chicago.

It has now launched in Paris – the first European city to try it out was Barcelona – and the company says it was keen to launch in the capital as it was in Paris that founder Travis Kalanick had the idea for his driver-based minicabs.

Uber takes aim at Deliveroo & Take Eat Easy, launches UberEATS in Paris by @LiamBoogar— Rude Baguette (@RudeBaguette) October 14, 2015

Mr Kalanick said previously: “Once you’re delivering cars in five minutes, there’s a lot of things you can deliver in five minutes with just one touch.”

Today in Paris users can only order lunches but are being offered, among others, Tataki de Saumon from Paperboy, Bibimbap boeuf Bulgogi from Korean restaurant Jules & Shim, croquet monsieur from Buvette Paris and a Madeleine garni from Mesdemoiselles Madeleine.

In Barcelona the company is already offering weekend brunch for peckish late sleepers.