Red light for go for Paris cyclists

Capital tests new rules allowing right-turns at junctions

CYCLISTS in Paris are testing out new rules of the road that will allow them to go through a red light.

The new rules will allow them to turn right at a junction if the road is clear or go straight on at a T-junction - but they must still give way to pedestrians.

Aimed to ease the movement of cyclists, the rules have been introduced on two 30kph zones in the capital's 10th arrondissement, Verdun and Lancry, with 15 junctions being opened up.

If successful, the Mairie de Paris says the rules could be introduced in other 30kph zones in the capital. They have already been tried in Strasbourg, Nantes and Bordeaux with success - and no increase in accidents.

Junctions where cyclists are allowed to go through the light are signalled with a new warning sign, a bicycle in a red triangle.
Graphic: Mairie de Paris