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20 ways to cut the cost of everyday life in France

Brexit updates affecting Britons living in France and those with second homes here

Tax changes ahead - and there's good news. Are you among the tens of thousands to benefit?

Sworn translators: when you may need one (it's changing) + what you should pay

One of Napoleon's descendants shows us how he is keeping the emperor's life on display

Britain's 15-year voting rule - when does clock start ticking?

Ways to protect your second home in France from burglars when you're away

Does France have a parliamentary speaker like the UK's recently retired John Bercow?

Do I need a dossier médical partagé for my children?

Should local council pay me for having streetlamp on my wall?

How to buy at a property auction

A private career adviser can help expat teenagers understand opportunities better

How to set up an online fundraiser for a good cause

France to give go-ahead for older cars to have implant to become electric

Property versus capital investments – which is best in France?

Plants that glow in the dark could help save on street lighting

Restoring the unique roofs of the Dordogne

Property Spotlight: Pays de la Loire

Can I leave my French home to just one of my three children?

Are gas boiler checks obligatory in France?

DIY: Fitting a roof window

Will the EU continue to grow despite Brexit?

A French fish farmer's innovative way to grow fruit

A French truffle producer explains challenges ahead with more competition than ever before

How should UK NHS and state pensions be submitted for French tax?

I was refused right to a savings account in UK because I live in France - is this legal?

Bid to return France's forgotten socialist emperor to history books

Business bank accounts and rental income


Heavenly chocolate recipes from the prestigious
Ferrandi culinary school... Just in time for Christmas

The village garage with a century of Citroën heritage

Family activities to fill a lifetime of wet Sundays in France

The green road crossings that are saving French wildlife

How many French words have the English made their own?

The freight containers that are making shipshape swimming pools

Do you want to eat well, spend less AND save the world? There's an app for that

Honouring the heroic Maquis of Gascony

Sarah Bernhardt still has the power to shock - nearly 100 years after her death

Season's greetings from France's 'Christmas Town'

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