Single shoppers show status with a ‘love basket’ at French supermarket

The store has been trialling heart-motif baskets to help shoppers identify fellow singles

A chance encounter at this supermarket may lead to many joint ventures there together in the future
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A hypermarket in France is offering special heart-decorated shopping baskets in an attempt to help hopeful singles find a match during visits to their store.

The Leclerc hypermarket near Reims has been offering the uniquely decorated “love baskets” since the beginning of February, allowing shoppers to announce their single status if they wish.

These love baskets are covered with large pink hearts and the word 'célibataire' (unattached) to show any admiring shoppers that you may be open to finding romance whilst getting your groceries.

The colourfully refurbished baskets can be found at the entrance of the shop in Saint-Brice-Courcelles.

These baskets are a playful addition that, although probably will not take you from the fruit aisle to the church aisle, may provide some friendly social interaction in the shop.

The initiative is now into its third year, showing that it has been a hit with locals.

“In fact, a Leclerc centre somewhere in France came up with the idea and we decided to run with it." Priscilla Kesler, the local commercial director, told France3.

"Given the very positive feedback from customers, we decided to repeat it. There's great feedback on social media".

Workers in the store see the Valentine’s activity as a fun addition that can enliven the day.

“It's a way to bring a little lightness in these troubled times," adds store manager Paul Pageau. “And to show that hypermarkets are not just places for consumption.”

"They're going to stay up for the Valentine's Day weekend and maybe beyond, depending on customer reaction. In any case, it doesn't hurt anyone," he added.

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