Sounding off over turbines

Wind turbines are in the news again ( Connexion, December issue )

Here are my tips:

If a project is near your house, record the interior noise of each room before they put up the turbines, as their sound meters only record the exterior.

They use a formula, stating 35dB outside will mean 20dB inside, as your walls will filter some of the noise.

However, renowned acoustician Steven Cooper says that rule does not make sense, because buildings are different.

Use Infrasound Detector, via GooglePlay, to get your own internal readings or call an acoustician with a sensitive sound meter.

If turbines are erected, record the sound level again. Compare your two sets of readings and, if you sue, you will have documentary proof of the change.

The same thing goes for your well or tap water. Get a chemical analysis, as sometimes the turbine erection process perforates the aquifer and leaves you with a different water quality.

The wind turbine industry is clever at obfuscating and the list of victims increases every day, while France is disfigured.

Claudia Bawden, by email

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