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  • Brexit updates for Britons living in France
  • Non-residents: Social charge refunds are still possible - we explain how to make a claim
  • Students' difficult bac exam choices
  • Make sense of ... the function of fonctionnaires
  • Cross-border financial planning for Britons in France
  • Bringing a water mill back to life
  • Property Watch: Eastern PACA
  • What you can use an eco tax credit for
  • Getting paid for work experience
  • Can I still use glyphosate herbicide?
  • This year's income tax decalartion deadlines and changes to forms in print and online
  • Help for the computer illiterati
  • Is Aspa income top-up benefit repayable from my estate?
  • Can a micro-entrepreneur have just one client?
  • What the second-hand car parts rule means for you
  • Yes, you can change your name to a French one
  • Still time to sign up for Cancer Support France's Cycle for Life - but hurry!
  • For / Against: Can online GP chats really replace real doctors in medical desert areas?
  • Manchester to be twin city of Montpellier
  • What is the new investment ‘flat tax’?
  • INTERVIEW: My agony - to stay a priest or to marry?
  • Moneysaver: Insurance by the minute
  • Bloctel: You need to re-register to keep cold-callers away
  • How to improve your wifi signal
  • The joys of French school meals
  • Life can be sweet - but pricey - living on a houseboat


  • Limoges' great jazz explosion
  • Meet the only model gardener in France
  • Beautiful Open Gardens to visit in May
  • How historians can now help families of Algeria's 'disappeared'
  • 11 historical figures whose names have become part of the French language
  • France's gastrocrats...
  • The scandalous Dreyfus Affair
  • Boar attacks and drunk dogs... it shouldn't happen to a French vet - but it does
  • Bilingual crosswords + quiz + readers’ letters + books and films + events + lots, lots more

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