‘Superb’, ‘nonsense’: Your views on making French mairies fly EU flag

MPs from Emmanuel Macron’s party want to make displaying the flag mandatory

As always, feedback from our readers varied wildly
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We asked our readers their views on the push to obligate French mairies to fly the EU flag.

MPs from President Emmanuel Macron’s party have put forward a draft law on the matter, which was discussed in parliament on Wednesday (May 3).

Proponents of the bill say it would recognise the EU’s “inseparable” link to French history. But critics say it creates unnecessary conflict.

Here is what Connexion readers thought on the issue.

‘Superb idea’

Some viewed the proposal positively and said it should be adopted to show support for the European Union’s ideals and values.

“Great idea… get rid of all [national] flags and anthems… Nationalism is what leads to war,” said G.P., citing support for the proposal and, more broadly, the EU.

“Superb idea… I would pay for the flag myself,” said P.B. before adding he was “proud to be a European.”

Others saw the matter as a bit of a non-issue due to the common presence of EU flags on buildings already in France.

The news “came as a surprise” to K.F., as well as others, who are used to seeing the flags on their local mairies.

“I just assumed the EU flag was already [officially] being flown – compare it to the UK where throughout the years of EU membership you hardly saw one on official buildings,” he added.

Some lukewarm support came from some other readers.

“Why not?” said C.M., who focused instead on the flag’s positioning; “the question would be as to its relevant height [compared to] accompanying flags.”

As a reminder, the proposal said the French tricolore will “take pride of place,” next to the EU flag.

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‘A waste of time and money’

Other readers echoed the sentiments of MPs opposing the bill, who think it should be far down on the list of the government’s concerns.

“It is absolute nonsense in a time when people cannot afford to live”, said P.B.

“The EU is an organisation and as such perhaps we should demand that the flag of the EDF or SNCF is also flown,” he added.

“What a waste of time and money,” said D.A., “Who is going to walk past the Marie and say ‘wow’ [when they see the flag]?”

O.B., meanwhile, said the flag was just “a bit of cloth”;

“I hate this obsession with flags… I can be a staunch supporter of the EU ideal without needing a flag to prove it,” added the reader.

Your view

What do you think about the idea? Are you for or against it? Do you agree with any of our readers’ comments? Let us know via news@connexionfrance.com

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