These apps and coupons help you save on your French supermarket shop

With food inflation raging in France, we take a look at how to save money at the checkout or online

Cut supermarket bills by using coupons and cashback websites and apps
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With food inflation in France already at 15% and further price rises expected this month, there has never been a better time to know how to save money at the checkout.

There are several applications and websites offering coupons and cashback.

These work either via traditional coupons to scan at the checkout or by offering cashback on purchased products.

The most well-known are iGraal, Poulpeo, Shopmium, Coupon Network and Quoty.


iGraal is available as both an app and a website and offers coupons, cashback and discount codes.

For coupons, select coupons à imprimer (coupons to print) and then choose via brand or supermarket aisle the coupons to print out to take to the supermarket. At the supermarket, scan the coupons before you pay at the checkout.

Cashback and discount codes meanwhile work for online purchases. You download an extension to your web browser which then pops up when you are on a participating website. By accepting the participating website’s cookies and activating the iGraal extension before completing your purchase, iGraal will show you the relevant discount code and/or you will get cashback added to your account.

The cashback itself can take up several months to be approved before being added to your iGraal kitty. Once the kitty reaches a certain amount, you can either request gift cards or withdraw the money via PayPal or a bank transfer.

IGraal sends out regular emails highlighting new cashbacks and coupons available, including a daily promo du jour.

IGraal is currently offering online cashback of up to €2.50 at Carrefour.

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Poulpeo is also available as an app and a website, but only offers cashback and discount codes via online purchases.

As with iGraal, you download the extension, which pops up on participating websites, highlighting the cashbacks and discount codes available.

Again, accept the cookies and activate the extension to get the cashback and/or discount code.

The cashback takes between one to two months to be approved, is added to your kitty and can then be withdrawn after reaching a certain amount.

You can currently get €5 cashback at Monoprix with Poulpeo.


Shopmium is an app you download to your phone which claims to partially or completely reimburse purchases.

Keep your receipt after going to the supermarket, and then scroll through the app to find the product if there is a cashback offer on the items you bought. Take a photo of your receipt and upload to the app and then scan the product’s barcode. You will then be reimbursed via PayPal or your bank account.

Shopmium is currently offering up to 34% off Petit Navire tinned tuna.

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Coupon Network

Coupon Network is a website and app offering coupons for both use in store and online.

Scroll through the website, via brand or shop aisle, and then either select the coupons you want to print out and use in store or as with Shopmium, upload a photo of your receipt if you use the online voucher reimbursement option. Again you can be reimbursed via PayPal or a direct bank transfer.

If you link your Super U, Intermarché or Match loyalty cards to Coupon Network via its website, you will be reimbursed automatically without having to prove your purchase.

The website currently offers a €2.10 voucher for the purchase of two illy espresso coffee pods.


Quoty is an app and works in a similar way to Shopmium. After you have been shopping - keep your receipt! -, scroll through the app and select the products you have bought. Take a photo and upload your receipt and then scan the barcode of the relevant product.

You will then be reimbursed within 48 hours to your PayPal or bank account.

Quoty is currently offering three Panzani prepared ravioli tins for the price of two.

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