Trains, schools: Is the multi-sector French strike continuing today?

Around 107,000 people took part in protest action yesterday, according to the government, affecting train travel, schools, some care services and other sectors

Some services are still being affected by strike action today
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Workers from industries including transport, education, care and manufacturing took part in a cross-sector strike yesterday (October 18) to call for pay rises and in solidarity with striking refinery workers.

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The French interior ministry reported that 107,000 people took part but the CGT union claims that the figure was closer to 300,000.

One in every two TER and Intercités trains was cancelled on average, and there was also disruption to the Paris transport network.

Some unions had said that they may renew strike action today (October 19), but SNCF Voyageurs has said that train traffic should return to normal.

However, some local disruption is still taking place today in Ile-de-France, where one in two RER B trains are cancelled at the northern end of the line, and one in three RER C and Transilien J, L, N and P trains are not running.

Intercités trains could see some delays or cancellations but TGV and international services should be running as normal.

In Normandy, rail workers had already begun to strike on Monday (October 17), and will continue today in protest against the opening of some TER lines to competition.

In this region, one in two Paris-bound trains will be cancelled, along with one in every two services on the Caen-Tours and Rouen-Lille lines.

Two in every three trains will be running on the other NOMAD regional network lines.

Passengers should check the status of their train on the SNCF app or the NOMAD train website.

Strikes continue in some schools

The Snetaa-FO and Snuep-FSU unions, which represent lycées professionnels, have issued a strike notice lasting until Friday.

They are objecting to a government-led project which seeks to increase the time spent on work experience by 50%.

Teachers fear that this will lead to a reduction in the number of hours dedicated to teaching.

Yesterday, 22.94% of teachers in lycées professionnels were on strike, according to the education ministry, although the unions put the total at 60%.

Warning of shortages this winter if nuclear plant action continues

RTE, the body which manages the French electricity network, warned yesterday that if nuclear power plant workers continue to carry out go-slows and walk-outs there will be “serious consequences” to energy supply this winter.

The organisation judged that the risk of shortages was low to moderate over the next few weeks saying it is “very unlikely” that there will be an extremely cold spell in the immediate future.

However, if industry action continues at nuclear plants, it could have “an impact on plans for the return to service of some reactors”. The relaunch of five such out-of-service reactors has already been postponed.

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