TRY OUR TEST: identify different bugs you may find at a home in France

Can you put a name on these four common pests?

All four of these pests are common in France, perhaps increasingly so
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Whether it be a social media trend, mass-hysteria or a real problem, bedbugs are certainly making their presence felt this year - but can you identify what one looks like?

Pic: Visactu / The Connexion


  • Brown marmorated stink bug (punaise marbrée)-  a smelly pest that enters homes to overwinter. Originally from east Asia, stink bugs have been spreading in France for the past 15 years.
  • Flea (puce) - the scourge of animal lovers, fleas do not infest humans but can be hard work to shift.
  • Bedbug (punaise de lit) - current social media darling and SNCF fare dodger, bedbugs are common pests, although no more now than in previous years, according to Transport Minister Clément Beaune.
  • Cockroach (cafard)-  common to all cities and also riding on the Marseille bus network, this year’s warm weather is thought to have contributed to their spread.
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