UK press should work like French

Connexion reader Jerry Morgan explains how the UK press should work like French people do.

RE: THE story about Le Monde retaliating to claims that the French must stop all work at 18.00 – let’s face it – what can you expect from the Daily Mail? The hacks who write for it are clearly green with envy of anyone who is doing better than they are, so they try to destroy them.

The French do work hard. I had some building work done recently. The builders arrived around 8.00 each morning and started work immediately, no 20-minute brew-up beforehand. They worked until 12.00, two hours lunch and were back again working until 18.00 – no tea breaks. In the UK a 10-minute tea break runs into 20 minutes. The electrician worked until 19.00 one evening.

The first morning I took them coffee and biscuits and they looked at the boss as if to ask if it was OK; then looked at me as if I’d gone daft.

What the people in the UK need to ask themselves is: “How many companies in the UK are French owned?”

I bet most of them don’t know. They would be livid if they did.

Why the English dislike the French so much I haven’t a clue. I think it comes from total ignorance because they live on an island. All I know is, the French attitude is completely the opposite. My partner and I love living here. There are so many plus points including courtesy, friendliness, politeness, chivalry etc. Also the shops are closed on Sundays (I’m not religious either). All these things have disappeared in the UK.

Love your paper. Keep up the good work.

Jerry MORGAN, Limalonges