Verdict in Brigitte Macron's transgender libel trial due in autumn

Two women repeatedly claimed that the president's wife was actually her own brother

President Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron
The presidential couple were not present at the hearing on Wednesday
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A verdict in the trial against two women accused of defamation for repeatedly claiming that Brigitte Macron was in fact her own brother is expected on September 12, it has been announced.

Natacha Rey and Amandine Roy presented the extraordinary claims on Ms Roy’s YouTube channel on December 10, 2021.

Ms Roy, who describes herself as a medium, invited Ms Rey, an independent journalist onto her channel to present her conspiracy theory whereby Mrs Macron (née Trogneux ) is in fact Jean-Michel Trogneux , her own younger brother.

Mrs Macron, 71, filed a complaint against them for libel in 2022.

During the trial on Wednesday (June 19), the lead magistrate read part of the transcript and showed 40 minutes of the four-hour YouTube programme in which the women discussed Mrs Macron’s physique, the presidential couple’s relationship and the failures of mainstream media to broach the topic.

“We were just raising questions,” argued Ms Roy. “It wasn’t about gender but about a lie. It’s a serious issue for the state at this level of responsibility.”

Neither Mrs Macron, her brother (or her husband) were present at the trial. Only one of the co-defendants - Ms Roy - was present. Ms Rey was reported to be ill.

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The lawyer representing Mrs Macron and Mr Trogneux presented their electoral cards to the court, proving that they had both voted in the European Elections on June 9 - in different towns.

“You can see that his address is in Amiens. He voted with this card on June 9,” said Me Ennochi. “Brigitte Macron voted near Touquet, it was in the media!”

If found guilty, the accused will have to pay €10,000 to both Mr Trogneux and Mrs Macron. The court will present its verdict on September 12.