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Charbon-nay: wine grown on a coal slag heap

January 31 Brexit deadline - Updates for Britons in France

Writers and self-publishers: why not try your book in French too?

Bordeaux's rich past recreated in virtual reality

Home: France's long history with fireguards

Expert advice for helping children to be bilingual

New website makes finding an architect easier

How to post a planning notice at a French property

Understand: How Maisons de services offer help with everyday admin

True story of the Yorkshireman who used his mill work knowledge to break the bank at Monte-Carlo

The debate over an age of consent in France

Business help on tap at France's CCIs

Reader feedback on how much money you need to retire in France

Why are antidepressants free but sessions with psychologists are not?

Must pension top-up benefit in France be repaid from my estate when I die?

Can I keep Carte Vitale if I move back to UK but rent out a French house?

The rules for taking a French-registered car back to the UK

The new tax penalty system for waste collection

Check your finances now before Brexit means it's too late

Support for cancer sufferers in France

Tips for saving and using rainwater

Restaurant's binned mussel shells reborn as sunglasses

Flocks of robot sheep are cutting the grass

How to lunch like a Parisian

A tour of the classic car museums of France

Our never-ending fascination with the Cathars

INTERVIEW: 'I am 76 and don't want to get any older so I'm booking a date to die'

How a remote French mountain village became ski nirvana

The cabinet maker with a magical sideline - making wands

The comic genius of Jacques Tati

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