British Hosting Organisation seeks families across France

Sponsored article: Becoming a host family for Daily English is an exciting and rewarding experience in many ways. Director Sally Cornan explains

As a host family you get to pass on your own heritage and traditions to inquisitive and motivated children, selected to suit your family, by giving them a taste of another culture and a different way of living.

You have the opportunity to work at home, teaching English in France, with your own family, spending quality time with them and giving your children the opportunity to make new friends as the students are chosen to fit your family.

Even If you no longer have children at home we would like to hear from you too.

Teaching English with Daily English is the guarantee of never being alone, with full guidance, and receiving assistance 24/7 if need be, and becoming part of the Daily English network of families.
Participants get to work in their native language, on a regular basis (during the school holidays and according to their availabilities) and receive excellent rates of pay.

Daily English provides support and teaching materials that you can use so that you can give your guests the best learning experience possible.

If you are interested in becoming a host family for Daily English, there are a number of criteria to meet in order to be accepted.

You must provide a safe environment for children to live and learn with you, have a university degree in any subject and / or a TEFL qualification (or be prepared to do an online TEFL course – Daily English can talk to you about this) and be motivated. Each candidate will be thoroughly vetted.

Sally concludes, « We are looking for host families throughout the whole of France such is our success. We are a government approved organisation with all the necessary validation from the French authorities, we are also the only British Hosting Organisation with families in most areas of France, so we know how to look after you.

If you fit the profile, email saying why you feel you would make a good host family and giving some details of your home, your family and where you live. Sally will be in touch with you quickly in order to review your application and answer any questions. You will love the experience as current host families do!