Can bailiffs enforce London ULEZ fines for French residents?

After many people in France have received penalty charge notices for driving in London’s Low and Ultra Low Emission Zones, we look at how these are being enforced

Transport for London’s website lists a number of steps that will be taken if a penalty charge notice (PCN) is not paid
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Reader question: I live in France and have received three fines for the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (Ulez). If I do not pay, can Transport for London (TfL) send bailiffs to my house?

TfL’s website lists a number of steps that will be taken if a penalty charge notice (PCN) is not paid, the last of which is to request a warrant of execution which will be “passed to an enforcement agent to recover monies owed”.

However, a TfL spokesperson told The Connexion: “UK enforcement agents cannot recover money in France.

We haven’t yet explored what further debt recovery action may be feasible in France.”

One of the enforcement agencies listed on TfL’s website confirmed this, saying: “Whilst Marston Holdings collects unpaid penalty charges for TfL in the UK, we do not provide this organisation with these services in Europe.”

The Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 states enforcement agents may take control of goods in England and Wales only.

According to UK debt advice charity StepChange, creditors can, however, take steps to recover debts from a person living abroad, such as using a debt collection agency in the person’s home country.

It is worth noting that when you appeal against a PCN with Euro Parking Collection, which issues them on behalf of TfL, your case is placed on hold pending a decision.

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