Can I rent the swimming pool at my French second home to neighbours?

Swimming pools are a popular choice for second home owners

A group of young adults drinking and eating a table near a swimming pool
Many second homes have swimming pools which are unused for the majority of the year

Reader Question: We will not go to our French second home this year and although we do not want to let it there is a large pool in the garden. Can we let just the pool to neighbours? 

It is possible to let your outdoor swimming pool – either above-ground or built in – without renting your home in general. 

However if your pool is in-built you must comply with safety regulations, for example: 

  • a pool cover in accordance with regulation NF P90-309;

  • a protective barrier in accordance with regulation NF P90-306;

  • a safety cover in accordance with regulation NF P90-308;

  • a pool alarm complying with regulation NF P90-307

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You will also need a signed contract with the other party, known as a bail civil, with each rental being documented on an individual basis.

There are third party companies you can use to rent your pool, such as or to make the process easier, and act as middleman. 

If you choose not to use a third party you can specify your own requirements such as a guarantee deposit, cleaning-up rules, stipulate the precise time for which the pool can be used etc.

The income you receive for renting your pool can vary greatly depending on the location, any additional facilities (such as showers), and whether you rent on an hourly, half-day, or full-day basis.

If you will not be visiting France it is advisable to ensure that the pool is regularly checked for the duration it is let. 

Income must be declared to tax authorities 

Note that income derived from renting your pool is deemed equivalent to that from furnished rental even though you are not renting your entire home.

This means any income over €760 must be included in your tax declaration for the year. You declare the earnings in section 5NP of the 2042-C-Pro or equivalent online section.. 

You should also advise your home insurance provider of your intentions to ensure that you are fully covered for the appropriate risks. 

While injury to third parties and visitors is usually covered in home insurance policies under civil responsibility rules, if you do not inform your insurer that you are letting your pool they may reject any claim.

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