Dengue fever cases continue to rise in France

Number of cases has surged in 2024. So far all cases have been imported from people who have travelled abroad

Super macro close up of a tiger mosquito on skin
Tiger mosquitoes are now present across most French departments
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Cases of dengue fever are on the rise in mainland France, with 601 cases of the illness recorded in the last six weeks, new figures show.

The cases - recorded between May 1 and June 18, 2024 - were all imported, the latest epidemiological report by France’s public health authority (Santé Publique France) states.

The same report notes that two cases of chikungunya and one case of zika virus were also recorded in France at this time. 

Around 60% of the dengue fever cases relate to people returning from the overseas French departments of Guadeloupe and Martinique, areas which have tropical climates more susceptible to tropical diseases such as dengue. No ‘native’ cases have been recorded in mainland France this year.

The risk of dengue fever, though, is rising in France, due to tiger mosquitoes, which carry the disease, now being found in the majority of mainland French departments. 

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Since the start of 2024, there have been 2,166 reported cases of the disease in France.

So far, all have been imported but the fear is that tiger mosquitoes will spread the disease to other members of the population.

A case of native dengue fever was recorded in 2023 in Paris. 

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Authorities are also concerned that an influx of travellers entering France for the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games may bring more cases, which could be spread by the mosquitoes biting these people and then other members of the public.