Is it possible to pay for health screening on a private basis?

I am under official retirement age but retired. Do any firms offer health screening privately (like Nuffield or Lifescan in the UK) as I do not think I qualify under French healthcare? BC

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YOU DO not say what healthcare arrangements you have – if you have not worked in France you should have a comprehensive private policy or request to be admitted to the French system on residence grounds (this is often, but not always, accepted).

Preventative health screening is called a bilan de santé and the ‘Check-Up Center’ at the American Hospital in Paris may fit what you are looking for (see It offers various screening services, tailored to age and health, not reimbursed by the French state.

For those in the French system, your doctor (médecin traitant)will on request do a series of essential health checks as part of an ordinary consultation and can usually also send you to have some common blood tests if you have concerns about your general health. Often labs will also do tests on request if you are willing to pay in full without being reimbursed.

However it is possible to request a more formal bilan lasting two to three hours, done by a Centre d’examen de santé associated with your local Cpam.

You can request this from your Cpam (or other health caisse for the self-employed), which will send you an application form and book you in. Alternatively if you identify a centre near you with an internet search you can contact it directly. You will usually be sent a general health questionnaire to be completed and brought in on the day.

For people in the French system one of these formal bilans can be fully reimbursed every five years, or more often if your health is fragile. Those not in the system may be able to book in and pay in full. One in Saint-Brieuc in Brittany said this is possible and costs €250.