Is there compensation for delayed ferries?

Air tickets are reimbursed under certain conditions in the case of delays but is this also true for ferries? If so, do we contact the ferry operator directly? R.S.

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Yes similar EU rules apply on passenger ships, including ferries, leaving or arriving at an EU port.

If a service is cancelled or delayed by more than 90 minutes you may have a refund and, if necessary, a free journey home, or you may be transported to your destination on the next available journey.

For longer delays you are also entitled to refreshments proportional to the waiting time and accommodation if you must stay overnight. If your arrival is delayed by more than an hour you are also entitled to compensation of 25-50% of the ticket price, depending on the length of the delay. This does not apply if the delay is due to severe weather conditions or natural disasters.

If this is not respected you should contact the ferry firm which has two months from receipt to reply. If you are not satisfied, contact DGCCRF in France ( or the UK’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency (