Laying off home help with French CESU

The Cesu home worker payment system is convenient for employing a gardener, cleaner or childcare help at your home but you must abide by certain rules if you wish to stop the work.

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First, you must clearly identify the reason: for example, a change in circumstances or a fault by the worker.

In the first case, you may wish to offer a change to the contract.

In the second case, if faults are minor, they should be of a repeated nature, eg. not a one-off occasion of arriving late.

You should send a recorded delivery letter with receipt slip, asking the person to attend an interview at a time and date at least five days away with a view to possible redundancy (entretien préalable).

After hearing the employee’s views, you then, after two days, send a letter notifying them of the redundancy and the reason.

Then there is a notice period, except in the case of a serious fault on the worker’s part such as theft or repeated unjustified absences, depending on length of service, from a week to six months.

Compensation is payable, again depending on the length of service. You also need to ensure wages are paid up and that you provide a certificat du travail and attestation Pôle Emploi.

The Cesu service can help with these formalities.