Millions of shoppers across France sign up for new ‘deals’ brochure

The free weekly brochure is on an ‘opt-in’ basis only and claims €150 savings a month

In 2021, 766,000 tonnes of printed adverts were distributed in France without an address, according to one environmental agency
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A new printed letterbox brochure that promises to save people money with shopping offers claims to have 2.7 million subscribers on a free sign-up.

The brochure was launched in April across France as more and more supermarkets phase out paper catalogues.

The free, weekly 150 € brochure – it boasts that its offers can save you €150 a month – comes with leaflets from supermarkets containing offers.

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Environmental concerns about paper ‘pubs’

Many older people in rural areas use paper prospectuses but they have come in for criticism.

In 2021, 766,000 tonnes of printed adverts were distributed in France without an address, according to the environmental agency Ademe.

Millions of people have opted out of receiving these offers by sticking a Stop Pub (Stop advertising) logo to their letterbox.

Last year, 14 areas began to trial an opt-in system where those who wish to receive adverts must use a Oui Pub (Yes to advertising) sticker.

“A majority of households choose not to receive printed advertising,” Ademe announced when publishing the first set of results. The take-up rate is “between 20% and 30% in eight areas, and under 10% in five”.

A final report will be submitted to parliament in November 2024.

1968 law started prolific brochure production

Several supermarkets have already announced they will stop sending out unsolicited catalogues. Franprix and Monoprix both stopped posting leaflets through residential letterboxes in 2019. Cora joined them earlier this year.

Carrefour has promised to reduce the number of paper catalogues by 80% in 2024.

E.Leclerc will stop distributing paper catalogues from September, although as with the other chains, a digital version will still be available. The firm cited environmental concerns and the high price of paper.

The popularity of leaflets can partly be explained by a 1968 law that banned supermarkets from advertising on television to protect local newspapers and small shops.

This ban was scrapped in 2004 following EU pressure.

You can sign up to receive 150 € by post or by email at

It is produced by Milee, a specialist in publishing and distributing printed advertising.

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