Need to print off a paper tax return form? Here is how

Most people eligible should have received their form already, but it is possible to find it online

Paper tax return forms are possible in certain situations
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The period to declare last year’s income to French tax authorities is in full swing.

Most people will do their tax returns digitally via the website.

But some still use the paper form. It is often people that have a poor internet connection, difficulty using online tools or those that are doing their first return.

French tax authorities sent paper forms (also known as a form 2042) in the post to these people between April 3 and April 27.

But in case it has been lost, here is how to print one off yourself.

Where do I find the tax return forms?

A printable version of the 2042 form can be found via the website - here is a link to the specific page.

The website also includes a number of other forms, such as the 2042 RICI - to declare tax credits - or forms to indicate overseas investment and additional income, instead of the online spaces for these declarations.

If it is your first time completing a tax return in France, you must tick the box at the top of the form that says Vous déposez une déclaration pour la première fois (you are submitting a declaration for the first time). You should manually fill in all the information, showing your marital status, address on January 1 2023, the situation of your tax household and your dependents.

After printing and filling in the form by hand, you must send it via mail to your local tax office (Services des Impôts des Particuliers, or SIP), and you can use an online tool to find this if you do not know it.

The deadline for completing and sending a physical tax return is midnight Monday, May 22 – declarations must be sent to your local tax office before this date.

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Can anyone send off a paper tax return?

The ability to send a paper tax form is limited only to those in the circumstances listed above – first-time declarants, those living in an internet ‘white zone’ with poor connection or those with limited computer skills.

Other than for these groups, “the declaration via the online service is in principle compulsory”, says the official website.

If you believe you should be entitled to a physical tax declaration for future forms – or you should have been sent a physical form this year but did not receive it – you should contact your local tax office to let them know.

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