New French firm can claim delayed flight compensation for you

You have up to three years to submit a claim for a cancelled, delayed or overbooked flight. Firm takes 25% of any successful claims

Nantes-based company Delayed says it make the whole process of claiming flight disruption compensation faster and easier

A new French company has joined a crowded field targeting travellers whose flights have been delayed, overbooked or cancelled, aiming to secure compensation for them.

Since 2004, European regulation CE 261 grants air passengers departing from or arriving in an EU country specific rights, and repays a fixed amount if their flight is cancelled, delayed for more than three hours, or overbooked.

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New firm claims to make process faster and easier

You can claim this yourself by contacting your airline’s customer service by registered post or via its website, with supporting documents such as your ticket, boarding card (if applicable) and expense receipts.

However, Nantes-based Delayed claims to make the whole process faster and easier.

Travellers input details, such as departure and destination airports, flight numbers and the reason their flight was disrupted or cancelled, at

The platform then determines if they are eligible for compensation. If they are not – for example, if a natural disaster or a security risk was to blame – the online service is free.

If a customer is eligible and decides to make a claim, the Delayed team acts on their behalf to secure compensation.

The firm takes up to 25% of successful payouts, rising to 40% if legal action is required.

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Claim compensation up to three years after disruption

Delayed will have to compete with similar firms, including Germany’s AirHelp and UK site Flightright.

It is among 10 firms compared here.

The French start-up says only 20% of passengers know they are entitled to compensation.

Delayed co-founder Jérémie Peiro said: “The number of post-Covid passengers exploded and airlines were not organised to deal with it.

“Fortunately, the law is retroactive and air passengers can claim compensation up to three years after their disruption.”

Delayed might also expand to cover other means of travel, including rail, ferry and bus.

Claim up to €600

Half of flights in Europe were delayed last summer and nearly 2,000 were cancelled every day in 2022, according to the air traffic management body Eurocontrol.

Two-thirds of flights left on time – a decrease on the 2019 average of 73%.

The right to compensation depends on three criteria:

  • the flight’s country of departure

  • the flight’s country of arrival

  • the nationality of the airline

  • Passengers can reclaim up to €600.

    If you would rather claim on your own, you can find more details of what to do on the French government website and the EU website.

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