New website to help 1.3m who have not yet had French inflation bonus

Many have not yet had their €100 payment because of a lack of bank details

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A new website is set to help the 1.3 million eligible people who have not yet been paid their inflation bonus to receive the payment
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Eligible for the inflation bonus in France but still haven’t received it? The government is setting up a new website to enable the 1.3 million eligible who have not yet benefited to ensure they get the payment.

Accounts Minister Olivier Dussopt explained on Sud Radio today (March 8) that “of the 38 million people in France eligible for this bonus, 36.7 million have already received it”.

Yet, this leaves more than 1.3 million who have not.

The inflation bonus (l'indemnité inflation in French) is a €100 goodwill payment intended to help households manage rising fuel and household costs due to inflation. It is tax and social charge-free.

It was first announced in October 2021 and is for people who earn less than €2,000 per month. It included employees, self-employed, unemployed people and pensioners as well as residents in France who receive taxable foreign pensions.

The payments are individual, not per tax household. For example, in the same household, there could be a person with a €2,500 pension who would not benefit, and one with a €1,500 pension who would.

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Mr Dussopt said that one of the major reasons some eligible people had not been paid was due to a lack of available bank details. Recovering these will be a key aim of the site.

He said: “We are working to recover [their] bank details, and we are going to set up a platform so that those who have been forgotten because their details were not available can assert their rights.”

Among those overlooked include “home workers” who are employed by individuals, he said, as well as some who were accidentally affected by the government’s attempts to stop duplicate payments.

The minister told AFP that the government was working to get the website online “within two weeks”.

Inflation bonus payments began in mid-December 2021, before being rolled out in January and February, ending with retired people last month.

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