Paris-Normandy toll motorway sections to go barrierless by 2025

Cameras will be used to identify vehicle registration plates and drivers will be able to pay online or by phone to save travel time

The A13 and A14 toll roads will become barrierless by the end of 2024
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Drivers travelling between Paris and Normandy using the toll road sections of the A13 or A14 will be able to pay without stopping from the end of 2024.

From this date, the tolls will become barrierless and cars using the road will have their registration number recorded by cameras fixed to gantries.

Drivers will therefore be able to maintain speed throughout and will not have to stop to pay the fee.

This new ‘free-flow’ system was announced yesterday (December 22), by the Société des autoroutes du nord et de l’est de la France (Sanef).

Those who have a télépéage online payment account will have their card debited automatically when they use the barrierless toll roads.

If they do not have an account, they will be able to pay after their journey on the Sanef website or by phone.

Sanef said that this new toll system will “save time, fuel and reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.”

Currently, those travelling between Paris and Deauville must stop four times at toll booths, and five times if they are going from the capital to Caen on the A13, a route known for traffic jams.

Sanef already converted the A4’s Boulay-Moselle interchange to a barrierless toll in 2019.

“The technical system has demonstrated its reliability and customers have got used to the new payment system,” it said.

On the A13 and A14, the dismantling of the current toll booth plaza will see 28 hectares of land – or 40 football pitches – returned to nature.

The project will require a total investment of €120million, part of which will be covered by an annual tariff increase of 0.22% which will last for three years from February 2022.

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