Ryanair to cancel many European flights due to plane delivery delays

The airline says Boeing has failed to deliver the contracted number of new planes to deadline

Ryanair had expected to receive 27 Boeing 737s this winter but due to delays will only receive 17
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Ryanair has announced that it is being forced to cancel many of its European flights this winter over delays to the supply of new planes from manufacturer Boeing.

Ryanair had ordered 57 Boeing 737s to bolster its 550-strong airfleet with 27 due to be supplied before December. However, due to supply problems, it says Boeing is now only able to deliver 17 to this deadline.

CEO Michael O’Leary released a statement on Thursday September 28, saying:

“We are working closely with Boeing and their supplier, Spirit, to minimise these delays. It is deeply regrettable that production problems in Wichita (Kansas), and in Seattle (Washington state), have yet again delayed Boeing’s contracted deliveries to Ryanair this winter.”

The delay means Ryanair is scaling back its timetable or risks having no aircraft in reserve this winter.

The company says that to manage the problem it will have to withdraw three aircraft from Charleroi, two from Dublin, five from across Italy, and also at least one aircraft from the East Midlands, Porto and Cologne.

“Flight cancellations will take effect from the end of October, and will be communicated to all affected passengers by email over the coming days.

“Passengers will be offered reaccommodation on alternative flights or full refunds as they wish.

“We apologise sincerely to passengers for any inconvenience caused by these delivery delays this winter,” said Mr O’Leary.

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