This is how the government wants you to save water this summer

From taking shorter showers to collecting rainwater, France has issued advice on how people should reduce their water consumption

Installing water-saving shower heads can save hundreds of litres of water per day, the government has said
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The government in France has launched a campaign to encourage people to save water this summer.

Launched on Saturday, June 3, the campaign is called ‘Chaque geste compte (Every action counts)’, and is calling on everyone to make small changes to reduce their water use.

The page states: “Once again this year, available water resources are low, groundwater levels are low, and we all - farmers, manufacturers, local authorities, and private individuals - need to be careful with our water consumption.”

The campaign’s advice includes:

When washing

  • Install a low-cost water-saving shower head, and similar devices on taps (50% water saving)

  • Take shorter showers (four minutes or fewer) rather than baths (110 litres saved per shower)

  • Turn off taps when not in direct use, such as when brushing your teeth (in between rinses).

In the kitchen/laundry

  • Only run washing machines and dishwashers when they are full

  • Use a dishwasher rather than washing up under a running tap

  • Use ‘eco-modes’ on washing machines and dishwashers

In the garden

  • Use a rainwater collector and use rainwater to water your garden and plants

  • Grow plants that require less water in general

Other ways to save water include checking for and repairing any leaks (up to 100 litres saved per day).

The government has also created a calculator so you can estimate your daily consumption of water. The average in France is 148 per day per person, of which 39% is used for personal hygiene.

Water restrictions

The advice goes above and beyond the restrictions already in place in areas with existing water shortages.

Despite some rainfall in May, much of the country’s groundwater is still at a low level, suggesting that some areas will struggle with water supply this summer.

The most recent report from the Bureau de recherches géologiques et minières (BRGM), of May 17, said that as of May 1, 68% of groundwater reserves are at “moderately low to very low level”, of which 20% are very low.

On March 30, President Macron also announced a “plan of action’ to encourage responsible water use, with 53 measures recommended across individual, agricultural, and commercial usage.

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