Tip: How to save money on Netflix and other streaming offers in France

A French app enables users to share subscriptions and thus split the monthly cost

A French app enables users to split the cost of streaming services
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A French app is making it possible for streaming service customers to save money on their subscriptions while still enjoying their favourite films and programmes.

Individual streaming platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and Spotify do not cost a huge amount of money each month but if you subscribe to several, the charges can add up.

The Spliiit app is a platform which enables users to share subscriptions – both to streaming platforms and other services – and their cost each month.

Users create a free account via Spliiit.com, and can then search for streaming platforms and choose to join another person’s subscription and pay a portion of their monthly fee.

A Disney+ subscription might therefore cost €2.71 a month as opposed to €8.99.

However, Spliiit will add 5% commission, plus 35 cents in operational costs.

Other users come with a ‘trust score’ and response time rating attached, to help ensure that no one employs the service to defraud people.

You can also add your own subscriptions to the site so that other people can be added on, dividing the cost by two, three or more.

Spliiit claims that you can save up to €100 per year by sharing their subscriptions.

Other services available on Spliiit include YouTube Premium, Apple One, Canva, Dropbox, Calm, Headspace, Napster and computer security products like Mozilla VPN and Bitwarden.

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