Toilet noise can disturb

Advice on proper cleaning practices may help

More often seen, and heard, in caravan or plane toilets, the sanibroyeur macerating toilet is fairly common in older flats, where there can be access problems for a normal bowl and drainage.

However, a court case has now ruled that the noise of the crusher and forced flush can amount to a trouble anormal de voisinage, meaning they can order that it be stopped. The case concerned a toilet in a loft space whose noise could be heard in a flat below.

Sanibroyeurs are known for such issues as not flushing solids, feminine hygiene items or ‘flushable’ wipes – and the crusher blade is fragile and needs care. When cleaning, the toilet should be switched off so that it does not flush away products before they get time to act. Owners should use anti-limescale products weekly.