What happens at an in-person appointment for a French visa?

We also look at how much it will cost and what documents and biometric data are required

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The meeting takes about 20 minutes – there is no in-depth ‘interview’.
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People from outside the Schengen area need to get a visa if they plan to stay in it for longer than 90 days in a given 180-day period, which can require attending an interview. We look at how this works.

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What to expect at a France Visa appointment

UK and US in-person appointments take place at the offices of third-party contractors that manage consular services.

This usually happens in ordinary office hours. However, as of 2024 the website of TLSContact offers ‘prime time’ slots in the early morning or Saturday for an extra €60. 

TLSContact also offers appointments in a ‘premium lounge’ available for €100.

An ‘apply anywhere’ option is available from the London and Manchester centres, where the firm sends a representative out of the office to visit the applicant. This service costs €250 per person in 2024.

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How to prepare for a France Visa appointment?

You should bring your:

  • Appointment notification form

  • Application form and receipt,

  • Supporting documents 

  • Passport 

  • Photocopies of all documents including key passport pages

  • Means to pay the visa fee.

What is the process at a France Visa appointment?

The service will check your paperwork, scan in (or take) your photograph, scan your fingerprints (not applicable to children under 12) and take copies of your passport and supporting documents for forwarding to the consulate.

The process takes about 20 minutes – there is no in-depth ‘interview’.

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What happens after a France Visa appointment?

You can usually track the progress of your application online once you have completed this step.

If there are queries or requests for extra documents, they will usually be made by email. 

When the visa is ready you will be invited to collect your passport although some centres offer a courier delivery service for an extra fee.

It is also possible for third parties to collect the passport for you if they bring your application print-outs, their own passport, a copy of your passport and an authorisation letter signed by you.