What help can France give to a widow with children?

My husband died suddenly and I was left on my own with children – might I be entitled to any kind of widow’s allowance from France? A.P

There are various sources of help in France, including the following: The deceased person’s health

- The deceased person’s health insurance caisse (eg. Cpam) may pay out a sum called capital décès if the person was working, registered unemployed or on incapacity benefit.
- The caisse d’allocations familiales. A survivor who will be a single parent may be eligible for allocation de soutien familial of €105/month per child.
- The deceased’s pension company. You may be entitled to part of their pension as a pension de reversion.
- Widow/ers of a working person who are aged under 55 may also qualify for temporary allocation veuvage (widow/er’s benefit) of up to €600/month if their income is below certain (low) ceilings.