Covid-19: France tightens rules on facemasks in schools

Homemade facemasks are now banned

8 February 2021
By Connexion journalist

Schoolchildren in France are now banned from wearing homemade facemasks, under a directive that was ordered at the beginning of the month but is only being enforced from Monday, February 8.

Only 'Category 1' masks are now permitted in schools for all children aged six and over.

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The directive - intended to combat the spread of the contagious UK variant of coronavirus - was issued on February 1, but the Ministry of Education allowed parents and establishments a few days to adapt to the changes.

Category 1 masks filter more than 90% of particles. This standard includes blue single-use surgical masks, FFP2 filter masks, and certain fabric masks that meet specifications.

The Ministry said that parents should supply masks for their children, but added that educational establishments have a supply for students who do not have their own.

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