France official confinement Q&A: English translation

France has issued an online question and answer sheet on the current confinement rules, to clarify some of the common questions and exceptions. This is what it says (translated by Connexion).

22 March 2020
Walking you dog briefly close to your home is one of the valid reasons for which you are permitted to leave your house
By Connexion journalist

The original Q&A sheet can be seen here.

1. Can I travel within France?

From March 17 at midday, for 15 days minimum, even if you have no symptoms, you cannot go out without a valid reason that may be subject to checks by law enforcement. In the event you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, or fever higher than 37.5 degrees, stay at home, contact your GP [by phone] and limit contact with other people as much as possible.

Do not call [emergency SAMU number] 15 except in the case of extremely high fever or difficulty breathing.

2. What are the valid reasons for leaving the house?

You can leave your house, and must fill out an individual declaration form, to:

  • Go to and from work, and for unavoidable professional travel
  • For health reasons
  • To do essential shopping
  • For unavoidable family reasons, such as helping vulnerable people
  • For brief trips near your home, such as physical activity or for your pet [such as to walk your dog] - but no group sports are allowed

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3. Can people outside their home or their place of residence return home? 


4. If I live in one town and work in another town, can I go and come back from work? 

Yes, if you cannot work from home. This is a valid reason for work purposes.

5. Can I use public transport? 

Yes. All public and private transport services are working normally.

6. Can I go out to get food?

Yes. There is no need, and no reason, to stockpile, as food shops are being regularly topped up. There are no restrictions on the delivery of goods, whether they are basic supplies or not.

7. Can I go out to buy things apart from food?

Yes, but only when necessary, and only to shops that are permitted to open, for the purchase of necessary goods.

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The PDF document lists 12 common questions (Photo:

8. Can I go to eat [or visit] at my parents’ house or friends’ houses?

No, because this is not a necessary trip, and does not feature on the list of valid reasons.

9. Can I visit my dependent parents or other relatives?

Only to take care of vulnerable people, remembering that seniors are among the most vulnerable, and we must protect them as much as possible from any contact.

10. Are physical activities outdoors allowed?

Unavoidable outdoor trips for children, exercise or physical activity in open space, are allowed, if they are close to your home, while still respecting barrier methods [coughing into your elbow, avoiding contact; using disposable tissues; using hand sanitiser; washing hands; staying at least 1-2 metres away], and avoiding all groups.

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11. Can I go out with my dog?

Yes, to allow the dog to fulfill its needs [such as going to the toilet; to get exercise], or to attend a veterinary appointment.

12. What happens in case of breach of these restrictions?

These rules are controlled by law enforcement, and breaching them is punished by a fine of €135.

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