No-mask passenger removed from Paris-Nice TGV train

The passenger refused to put on a mask while travelling on the TGV train, even after given a fine.

18 August 2020
A woman looking out of a train window, wearing a mask. A passenger was kicked off a Paris-Nice TGV train for not wearing a mask on August 16.Despite the unplanned stop, the TGV train still arrived in Nice on schedule.
By Joanna York

Ticket inspectors asked the passenger to put on a mask while checking tickets on the Sunday afternoon train from Paris (Ile-de-France) to Nice (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur)  on August 16.

When the passenger refused a €135 fine was issued. The passenger still declined to put on a mask.

Ticket inspectors then notified the train driver, who made an unplanned stop in Creusot station (Saône-et-Loire, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté). Here, the passenger disembarked and was met by railway security guards.

Train operator SNCF has confirmed that the train was stationary for five minutes during the unplanned stop. The driver was able to make up for the delay and the train arrived in Nice on time. 

This is the latest in a series of tensions resulting from passengers refusing to wear masks on public transport in France. 

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Social distancing measures being implemented on TGV trains

Passengers over the age of 11 are required to wear masks when travelling on TGV trains in France. People who refuse to do so may be stopped from boarding trains, asked to disembark from trains, or given fines of up to €135.

Passengers can also be fined €60 for failing to respect social distancing measures such as not respecting floor markings, or boarding trains which are already at maximum capacity. 

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