French climate change convention to vote this weekend

A man speaks at the climate change Convention. The final French climate change Convention is to vote this weekend.
The final session of the Convention began today (Friday June 19), including 150 members of the public and keynote speakers

A “Climate Change Convention” of 150 randomly-selected members of the public in France is to vote on proposals to combat climate change this weekend - including on the issues of housing, transport, and work.

After nine months of work, the Convention will meet today (Friday June 19) for a final weekend during which it will vote on proposals intended to help combat climate change.

Those that are voted through will be sent to President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday June 21 for a final decision from the government.

The proposals are under the topics of "Se nourrir" (eating), "Produire-travailler" (production-working), "Consommer" (consuming/shopping), "Se loger" (housing), "Se déplacer" (transport).

The Convention comes after President Macron requested that a randomly-selected group of members of the public should “define a series of measures to combat climate change, allowing us to drop emissions by at least 40% by 2030 (compared to 1990 levels), in the spirit of social justice”.

The measures will then be submitted “without a filter” to Parliament, or may even be put to a referendum.

In January, Mr Macron said: “I pledge that major decisions will be made.”

The voting process - which will include recommendations on whether to hold a referendum, and how to finance the proposals - will be reported online on the Convention website.

The chosen proposals will be put online on Sunday night.