France lockdown: Can I travel to UK to help a sick relative?

You will need to fill out exemption certificates (attestations de déplacement) if you are travelling during lockdown

24 November 2020
It is still possible to leave France during the lockdown, with companies such as Brittany Ferries continuing to operate
By Connexion journalist

Reader question: If a member of my family in England becomes ill and needs some assistance, can I take the ferry and help for a few days? Would some sort of certificate be required to show my reason for leaving France?

Short answer: Yes, providing you fill out the right paperwork. 

An operator for the Covid-19 helpline in France said that “considering the fact that the borders are still officially open, you should be able to go”. 

You will need to fill out an exemption certificate (attestation de déplacement), and tick the fourth box: Déplacements pour motif familial impérieux, pour l'assistance aux personnes vulnérables et précaires ou la garde d'enfants.

You should also attempt to get some proof of the person you are going to visit’s medical situation. This could either be a doctor’s note, proof of a medical appointment, or a letter written by the person saying they are in need of medical assistance. 

You should also have the address of the family member’s house handy. 

The helpline operator also said it is advisable to contact the ferry or travel company you are using before setting off to make sure that the trip has not been cancelled. 

If you travel back to France when there is still a lockdown, remember to carry an attestation with the fourth box ticked, and to keep some proof that you were visiting a family member for medical reasons. 

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