Bordeaux wines expert to launch online English-language guide

The subscription-based website is aimed at amateur wine lovers and will help them to understand which Bordeaux wines are best for their budget and taste

The new Bordeaux wines website is aimed at wine lovers, whether amateur or expert

British wine specialist Jane Anson is set to launch a new website dedicated to wines from Bordeaux. She is known as one of the world’s foremost experts on wine from the region.

The site, which will be in English, will be called Inside Bordeaux and will serve as a guide to wines in the region.

Ms Anson says of the website:

“My aim is for you to have access to regular reports on Bordeaux wines, and all wines that go through the Place de Bordeaux.

“[It will] help you keep up-to-date with what is happening in the vineyards and your cellar,” she states on her website, which is still under construction.

The new site is set to launch fully in October.

Ms Anson has spent the past 20 years as a correspondent and columnist for Decanter magazine. Her new website marks the start of a solo venture.

She says that the goal of the website is to put the emphasis on the drinkability of Bordeaux wines, and to explain to wine lovers when and how to drink certain wines.

Drinkability refers to how agreeable or easy a wine is to drink.

She is also aiming to help readers in their choices.

“They need to know if the wine is right for their budget and the time they plan to drink it,” she said.

While wines of Bordeaux are known throughout the world thanks to popular names such as Château Mouton Rothschild or Château Margaux, they are little known in terms of drinkability.

Ms Anson says that her target audience is amateur Bordeaux wine lovers.

“There are four or five sites [about] Burgundy aimed at English speakers, and not one on Bordeaux,” she said.

She will offer a subscription to individuals to access her site at €110 per year, with a special offer for professionals.

As a promotion for the website, a report on this year’s September releases will be given away for free.

This year’s harvest

The wine harvest began this year in Bordeaux at the end of August. The first whites were harvested on September 6, with the reds being harvested between September 15 to 20.

The harvest was relatively early this year due to high temperatures. It means that the volume of wine being produced may be lower, but it should not affect the quality.

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