Films and TV shows to improve your French in March

You can widen your vocabulary from the comfort of your own sofa, or by taking a trip to the cinema

A new month means lots of news films and TV show have been added streaming platforms
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One easy yet entertaining way to improve your French is by watching films and TV shows in the language.

The monthly addition of series and films available to streaming platforms, alongside a number of French-language films being available in cinemas, means there is no shortage of a diverse range of things to watch.

The best way to learn is by keeping both the audio of the show, and the subtitles, in French, as you can match the words you are hearing with what you can read.

It is even possible on most streaming platforms to change the audio and subtitles of your favourite Anglophone shows into French.

This can help you focus more on the language aspect as you are already familiar with the story.

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Below are our top picks for you to watch this month.

La Panthère des Neiges

If documentaries are your thing, you are in luck because this French docu-film just released on Netflix.

La Panthère des Neiges follows writer Sylvain Tessan and nature photographer Vincent Munier as they seek out rare snow leopards in the Tibetan mountains.

It was among the films selected for the 2021 Cannes film festival and is shot beautifully.

Je verrai toujours vos visages

Je verrai toujours vos visages scooped up numerous César nominations, and features an all star cast including Raphaël Quenard and Adèle Exarchopoulos.

The heavy-hitting drama focuses on the idea of restorative justice, which has been part of the French legal system since 2014.

It allows victims and perpetrators of crimes to communicate with each other in a secure framework, in the presence of others.

The plot revolves around some of the meetings between the victims of theft, armed robbery and rape with the people who committed the crimes, as well as the behind-the-scenes work that goes into setting up these sessions.

We see the evolution of both the victims and the perpetrators and how the sessions help to bring healing.

The film is available to rent from Amazon Prime and Canal+.

La Cage Dorée

If you prefer something more light-hearted, La Cage Dorée is a good option, and might resonate with those who have left their home country to set up a new life in France.

The film follows the story of a popular Portuguese couple living in Paris, who decide to move back to Portugal.

However, their neighbours, who love the couple and want them to stay, hatch a plan to prevent them from leaving.

The film was first released in 2013, but has aged well, and is perfect for an easy watch on a cosy evening. It is available on Netflix.

Les Chèvres !

If you fancy a trip to the cinema this month, ‘Les Chèvres !’ looks to be a popular choice. The film is set in 17th-century France, a period when animals could (technically) be tried in France for committing a crime.

Of course, defending an animal in court is no mean feat as lawyer Maitre Pompignac soon discovers when he takes on the case of Josette, a goat who has been wrongly accused of the murder of a marshall.

The irreverent comedy may not have the highest rating from critics, but the wider public seems eager to watch it, and the cast features a number of beloved French comedic actors.

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Vjeran Tomic: The Spiderman of Paris

This is another documentary not to miss - Vjeran Tomic is the man behind the biggest art heist in French history when he robbed the Paris Museum of Modern Art in 2010.

In this Netflix film, he explains in his own words how he pulled off stealing five paintings from the museum having been freed from prison in 2022 after his guilty verdict in 2017.

Nicknamed ‘the spiderman of Paris’ due to his skill at entering the museum without setting off the alarm system, there are interviews with both Tomic himself and the detectives solving the case, which offer insight into the sometimes unbelievable story behind the crimes.

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