Six French films and series for November to help your language skills

Language acquisition requires translating everyday parts of your life into French

A scene from Toute la lumière que nous ne pouvons voir
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The weather is turning, the clocks have changed and movie nights are starting to seem that little bit more appealing.

With language acquisition the best way to learn a language integrating French TV and films into your everyday routine will help.

Whether a trip to the cinema or an evening in, we look at films and series both to enjoy and also learn a little French.

It is worth noting as well that if you are in France, you will have French Netflix and therefore be able to dub most programmes into French.

While dubbing can sometimes be slightly tedious, it does mean that you can watch some favourite English programmes over again in French. This can give you a better base understanding and help you to quickly pick up new words.


Currently at the cinema, Flo is based on the real life story of sailor Florence Arthaud, nicknamed la petite fiancée de l’Atlantique (the little fiancée of the Atlantic).

She was the first female champion of the Route du Rhum, which requires competitors to sail solo across the Atlantic, from Saint-Malo in France to Pointe-a-Pitre in Guadeloupe.

The biopic follows the life of Florence, from her early days to her premature death in a helicopter accident in 2015, and the struggles that accompanied her victories in a world largely dominated by men.

(All the Light We Cannot See)

Coming to Netflix in early November, Toute la lumière que nous ne pouvons voir is based on the Pulitzer Prize winning book set during World War Two in Saint Malo in France.

It follows the story of a young blind French girl who flees Paris for Saint-Malo, and her encounters with a young German soldier.

Although the original has been filmed in English, on Netflix you will be able to dub in French.

The four part series’ release on the platform has been much anticipated and features stars such as Hugh Laurie.

Nos jours heureux (Those Happy Days)

This French comedy film follows a summer camp manager as he tries to keep the peace among both his demanding counsellors and the children they are looking after.

If you or your children have ever attended a French summer camp in the 1990s, this film available on Netflix is likely to bring memories rushing back.

Unsurprisingly, nothing goes to plan and first time manager Vincent is forced to overcome the numerous challenges which continue to pop up throughout the stay, while maintaining a positive energy within the camp.

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Mon Roi (My King)

This drama details the story of a marriage and the difficulties the couple face over years together and their various challenges.

After a ski accident, Toni is hospitalised and is asked to reflect on her life leading up to the injury.

She flashes back to her relationship with Georgio, with whom she shares a child and a difficult marriage over the years.

Through the flashbacks, we see the life they shared together, the differences the couple have and their continuous struggle to make it work.

It is available on Netflix in France.

Mon Roi/Cannes Film Festival

20 ans d’écart (It Boy)

Available to stream on Canal+, 20 ans d’écart is a classic romcom starring French favourites Pierre Niney and Virginie Efira.

It follows the story of Alice, who is striving to become editor in chief of a well known magazine, but is limited by the uptight image people harbour of her.

All changes when she meets student Balthazar and pretends to start dating him to win the respect and admiration of her boss and colleagues to gain the promotion.

Of course, as the romantic comedy progresses, Alice is soon faced with choosing between love and work as her plan gets derailed by real emotions.

Pièce Montée

A hit on Netflix, Pièce Montée is a comedy about a wedding gone wrong, based on the novel by Blandine Le Callet.

An idyllic countryside wedding quickly becomes a nightmare for couple Vincent and Bérengère due to tricky guests, a run-in with the priest and unwelcomed ex lovers.

The title, Pièce Montée, refers to the towering profiteroles traditionally served at French weddings.

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