A million workers may miss out on €100 French inflation bonus

Urssaf says that it does not have the bank details of many self-employed and home workers and so cannot pay the one-off sum

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Some one million workers need to send their bank details to Urssaf in order to receive their 'inflation bonus' payments
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Some one million people in France could miss out on their €100 inflation bonus unless they provide Urssaf with their bank details.

This tax-free, one-off sum was announced by Prime Minister Jean Castex on October 21. It aims to help people face the rapid rise in the price of necessities such as fuel, home energy and food and is being given to up to 38 million people whose income is less than €2,000 a month.

The “inflation-compensation” should help cover increases in petrol and diesel costs, as one person travelling 14,000km per year in their car will see their annual fuel spend go up by €80 if prices continue to climb, as well as rises in home energy and food.

Urssaf – the network of organisations which collects French social security payments – is responsible for distributing the inflation bonuses of self-employed people and employees who work permanently from home. Payments began on December 12.

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However, Urssaf’s director Yann-Gaël Amghar told Le Parisien yesterday (December 20): “We do not have the bank details of all eligible people. We have the details of 70–75% of self-employed people. But the big difficulty is home workers.

“In concrete terms, we are missing the bank details of 500,000 self-employed and 500,000 home workers.”

Just over one million self-employed and home workers have already been paid their inflation bonuses, and another round of payments is set to be made tomorrow (December 22).

However, Mr Amghar warned that “if the people who are eligible for the bonus do not share their bank details with us, they will not receive the €100.”

Self-employed people should go to Ussaf.fr or Autoentrepreneur.urssaf.fr to add the necessary information, while home workers should visit Cesu.urssaf.fr or Pajemploi.urssaf.fr

Anyone having difficulties can call Urssaf’s free hotline on 0806 807 253

If needs be, Urssaf will organise further payments for eligible people who provide their bank details after tomorrow. On its website, it states that if people fail to communicate their bank details they will be contacted at the beginning of January and paid the sum in February.

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