Alerts issued for snow and icy conditions in parts of southern France

Yellow weather warnings are in place in nine departments with the Pyrénées-Orientales on orange alert

Drivers should take caution due to road conditions across the South of France
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[Update 16:30, February 7: The orange warning for Pyrénées-Orientales has been reduced to a yellow warning, and all warnings for the departments of Alpes-Maritimes, Isère, Drôme, Ardèche, Gard and Hérault have been removed.]

Alerts for snow and icy conditions have been issued for several areas of southern France today (February 7).

Nine departments have been given yellow (vigilance) warnings - the departments are: Alpes-Maritimes, Isère, Drôme, Ardèche, Gard, Hérault, Aveyron, Tarn, and Aude.

These warnings are mostly for icy conditions but also for strong waves in the Alpes-Maritimes.

Yellow warnings last throughout the day (from 6:00 to midnight).

Pyrénées-Orientales has an orange weather warning, particularly for icy conditions, which is set to last until 22:00 tonight.

It is also the only department to have an avalanche warning.

The conditions are caused by conditions in the Alpes and Massif Central mountain ranges, ultimately affecting the mountains and foothills of Pyrénées-Orientales with increased snowfall.

Snowfall could reach up to 40cm in areas 1,000m above sea-level, with 10cm predicted in the Têt and Tech valleys of the department, states Méteo France.

Disruption due to the snowfall is expected, particularly in forested areas.

Méteo France advises those in the area to only make journeys if necessary and, if you do have to drive, to ensure that your vehicle is stocked with food and blankets in case of a prolonged forced stoppage.

More information can be found on the Méteo France website.

These conditions are expected to last for one day and by tomorrow (February 8) there are currently only yellow warnings in three departments – the two departments of Corsica and Pyrénées-Orientales.

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