Casino, Total: Discounts on fuel in France this weekend

Fuel prices have come down slightly in recent weeks but are still high. Diesel costs on average €1.82 per litre, while unleaded 98 (E5) is at €1.85

Petrol station
Various companies have been offering fuel discounts to entice customers amidst rising prices

Supermarket chain Casino is offering a new discount on fuel that runs until 19:00 today (April 30).

People who purchase fuel at one of the company’s stations can get a voucher that is the equivalent to the difference in price between €0.85 per litre and what they pay at the pump per litre, up to a limit of 50 litres.

As an example, you buy 40 litres of diesel at the Casino in Moissac (Tarn-et-Garonne). The price per litre is €1.92, the website shows. That means your bill will come out to €76.80. If you had paid €.085 per litre, you would have paid €34. This means you will be entitled to a voucher of €42.80 that can be used in Casino.

To get this voucher, you should keep the receipt from the petrol station, as well as any credit / debit card receipt you receive, and hand show it to the shop’s reception desk.

Note, this voucher can only be used today in Casino shops and only when spending at least €80.

You can see a list of Casino shops where this discount is on offer here.

Total is also offering a discount at its stations this weekend on diesel, SP98, SP95 and E10. It consists of offering €0.10 back on every litre of fuel a customer buys, up to a maximum of 50 litres.

This discount scheme was launched on April 1 and will continue until May 15. Read more here (in French).

The website gives in real time the national average of different fuel prices in France.

It shows that unleaded 98 (E5) is at €1.85 per litre and unleaded 95 (E5) is €1.79 per litre.

Diesel, meanwhile, is at €1.82 per litre.

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