Discount ‘almost all at €1’ store to open in France

The German chain TEDi expects to open another ten stores by the end of 2024

TEDi are hoping the new store will be an instant hit with French shoppers
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A German chain is looking to shoulder its way into the increasingly popular discount store market in France, opening its first store in France this spring.

TEDi, a large discount store chain originally created in 2004 by German conglomerate Tengelmann, will open their first French shop in Évreux, Normandy in the coming months.

TEDi, which stands for Top Euro Discount, is recognisable with its teddy bear mascot, and has more than 2,700 stores across 11 countries in Europe.

The majority of their shops are found in Germany, but they have more than 250 stores in Spain and over 80 in Italy.

They will join other chains in this competitive field within France such as Action, Français Gifi, Maxi Bazar, B&M, and Noz.

Hopes for a successful first few months are high, with TEDi expected to open another ten stores in the North and West of France by the end of 2024, according to French retail magazine LSA.

Products for only €1

The store’s products consist largely of non-perishable items like cleaning products, decorations, toys, DIY material, and even cosmetics.

Around 90% of items cost just €1, which will place the store among the cheapest in France.

Like other discount stores, TEDi will also stock seasonal products, as well as offer items that are ‘everyday’ necessities alongside “crazy and fun items”, according to its website.

The business has received criticism in the past for the low quality of its products, the majority of which come from Asia.

The number of domestically produced items in the store is increasing, however, with almost 25% of the store’s products made in Germany, according to a BFMTV report.

Aside from stocking their own products, TEDi will also follow the usual discount store model of selling “parallel products” from other companies in end of season sales and clearance sales.

Around 15,000 items will be stocked in the Évreux store, and most TEDi shops around Europe do not exceed 650m².

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