E-cigs banned from aircraft hold

International Civil Aviation Organization amends rules to ban devices because of risk of battery fire

E-cigarettes have been banned from hold luggage after a change to international flight regulations.

The International Civil Aviation Organization has amended rules governing what can be safely stored in the hold of commercial airliners to exclude the devices, after fears that their batteries and heating parts could cause a fire.

“Several incidents have been reported involving e-cigarette heating elements being accidentally activated and resulting in fires in checked baggage,” said the ICAO’s council president Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu.

“We had already recommended that our Member States take actions on these concerns late last year but, after a further review by our Dangerous Goods Panel, it was determined that a formal amendment to the ICAO Technical Instructions should also be undertaken.”

E-cigarettes must now be carried in hand luggage, but most airlines will not allow them to be smoked on board the aircraft.

Photo: Flickr/Jonny Williams