Farmers angry at falling milk price

Dairy farmers blockaded a supermarket distribution centre as prices fall 30% in one month.

DAIRY farmers are taking to the streets this week to protest tumbling prices, which they say have fallen 30% in the past month.

A day of action has been called for tomorrow and farmers have already started a protest directed at Caprice des Dieux and Elle et Vire dairy giant Bongrain in Viroflay, Yvelines, near Paris.

Farmers are especially angry price cuts have been imposed on them while they are paying 50% more for vital farm chemicals and supermarkets are charging the same for a litre of milk.

Last night nearly 70 farmers blocked the gates of the Intermarché distribution centre at Saint-Gérand, Morbihan.

The protest is being led by the National Federation of Dairy Producers but some farmers say the peaceful protests are only the beginning.

They say they are getting €210 for 1000 litres of milk which is less than the cost of production. As for butter, the price is now €2,150 a tonne, compared with €4,200 in 2007. Milk powder costs have halved from €3,500 in 2007 to €1,650 now.

Last night the Agriculture Ministry said it was looking to restart negotiations in the next few days with producers and companies to find a “fair price”.
Picture: iSTOCK