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Highlights this month include:


The post-Brexit future for Britons living in France

Brexit has cost community conscious Britons their place on local councils in France

UK remains part of the European family, insist MEPs

11-month race for an EU-UK deal starts in February

Other news

Mistakes in roll-out of new bac sparks anger

Charbonnay - the new French wine grown on an old coalmine slagheap

Voices of holocaust survivors keep historic horror alive

French airports in limbo after UK's controversial Flybe rescue deal

Hypno lessons aim to boost French language learning

Two bises or four? Even the French get it wrong!

Debate raging around the age of consent in France

90kph speed limit returns to roads in one French department

Binge-drinking habit on the rise in France

France pays homage to its satirical press


The truth of France's new 'free' glasses scheme

Makes sense of Maisons de services

Beef up your knowledge of French meat

CCIs are there to help

How to find out if your fibre-optic internet is coming to your corner of France

Can I keep my carte vitale if I move back to the UK?

Branded medicines now only reimbursed at price of generic

Why levies on some new cars are higher than others in France?

If you have no TV at your French home, you don't need a licence

Why are anti-depressant pills free, but psychologist sessions are not?

Steps you can take to make holidaymakers wifi-happy


Counter the cost of investing both on you and the planet

Connexion reader wins a €1,200 social charges refund

Hot properties: historic French firebacks are a grate investment

Can we put French house into an SCI and include our son?

Tax rates for 2019 income in France

Make sure finances for your life in France are Brexit-proof


France sets new property sales record as house prices rise

... But foreign buyers are in decline in France

Property watch: Grand Est

How to store all that winter rainwater to use in the next French drought

New site makes finding an architect easy

The future is building with glorious, good wood


Done respectfully, even 'D-Day Land' could be a fitting tribute

Why even the idea of a Royal bid for the French presidency in 2022 worries Macron and Le Pen

No, France really isn't as impossible to reform as it appears

Why I won't follow fellow Brits in France who decide to spend their winters in Spain

2020 is the start of a new relationship between the EU and Britain


French star Omar Sy to play gentleman thief in new Netflix series

Little-known life and times of one of France’s greatest action women

Bordeaux’s rich past recreated in virtually all its historic glory

How to lunch like a Parisian

Start your engines for a tour of France's motoring heritage

Interview: After 35 years in baby business, French midwife has many tales of the unexpected to tell

The secrets of the Yorkshire mill worker who broke the bank at Monte Carlo

French right-to-die activist plans to live a little longer

Cathar reality vs modern tourist myths

France has world’s only chapel dedicated to rugby

Try publishing in French, too, self-publishers advised

How a remote mountain village in southeast France transformed into ski nirvana

Interview: Meet the creator of France’s newest national park

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